11th Annual

August 26-27, 2023
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Festival Schedule

Event Dates
August 26-27, 2023
10am to 6pm
Rain or Shine!

Check our full event schedule for info on events that run throughout the year, and a list of scheduled festival performances.

Ticket Prices
(Per person per day)
Adult: Age 13 and up = $12
Military (w/ID) = FREE!
Senior = $10
Child: Age 6 to 12 = $7
Age 5 and under = FREE

2022 Show Schedule:
Royal Joust
[Both Days]
11:45a   Heroic Knights of Old
1:15p   Pike Demonstration
3:00p   Pike Demonstration
4:00p   Heroic Knights of Old
Royal Stage
[Both Days]
10:30a   Robyn the Bard
11:15a   Wonder Elixir
12:30p   Royal Court followed by Parade
1:15p   Bell Book and Canto
2:00p   Royal Court followed by Parade
2:45p   Royal Rat Pucking
3:30p   Royal Court followed by Parade
4:30p   Robyn the Bard
5:15p   Royal Court followed by Parade
Pirate Stage
[Both Days]
10:45a   Steel Lotus Dance Troupe
11:30a   Crossroads Mystic
12:30a   KnottyBits Sideshow
1:15p   Crossroads Mystic
2:00p   Steel Lotus Dance Troupe
2:45p   KnottyBits Sideshow
3:30p   Crossroads Mystic
4:15p   Steel Lotus Dance Troupe
5:00p   KnottyBits Sideshow
Galleon Stage
[Both Days]
10:15a   Bell Book and Canto
11.15a   Duck's ARRRE you a Pirate?
12:15p   Minstrel Rav'n & Friends
1:00p   Duck's ARRRE you a Pirate?
2:15p   Wonder Elixir
3:15p   Duck's ARRRE you a Pirate?
5:00p   Minstrel Rav'n & Friends
Gustave Stage
[Both Days]
10:45a   TCN: The On Guards Show
11:30a   Red Rum
12:15p   Friar Finnegan
1:00p   TCN Presents: Romeo&Juliet (Reduced)
1:45p   Red Rum
2:30p   TCN: The On Guards Show
3:15p   Friar Finnegan
4:30p   TCN Presents: Romeo&Juliet (Reduced)
Pickled Princess Pub Inn
[Both Days]
12:15p   Robyn the Bard
1.30p   Friar Finnegan
2:30p   Minstrel Rav'n
3:15p   Red Rum
4:30p   Bell Book and Canto
5:30p   Tavern Sing! A great way to end the day
Fairytale Stage
11:00a   Indiana Wild Wildlife Show
12:00p   Butterfly Lady Story Time
12:45p   Wonder Elixir
1:45p   Butterfly Lady Story Time
3:00p   Butterfly Lady Story Time
4:15p   Indiana Wild Wildlife Show
Live Steel Combat Demos
11:00a   Swords of Valour Fight Camp
12:30p   Sentinels Fight Camp
2:15p   Swords of Valour Fight Camp
3:30p   Sentinels Fight Camp
4:45   Swords of Valour Fight Camp

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