11th Annual

August 26-27, 2023
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Personal Donations

Putting on a period authentic, educational and fun renaissance festival can be a bit costly. For this reason, we turn to local businesses and patrons for financial assistance. There are rewards for this assistance.

For individuals this is an opportunity to show your support for a great local program, and perhaps take a bit of glory for doing so. We've set up a donate button through PayPal, where individuals can securely submit funds in support of the event in exchange for rewards.

Make a charitable donation to the Michiana Renaissance Festival via PayPal

Here is an overview of the Personal Donation Rewards available.
Visiting Baroness/Baron ($150+)   - Listed as sponsor on website1
  - Listed as Visiting Noble in Event Booklet2
  - Place in Royal Court proceedings
  - Visiting Noble Sash for the Festival3,4
  - 4 weekend passes to the festival
Ladies & Lords from Afar ($75)   - Listed as sponsor on website1
  - Listed as Visiting Noble in Event Booklet2
  - 2 weekend passes to the festival
Yeomen of the Kingdom ($25)   - Listed as sponsor on website1
Freemen of the Lands
  - Our Sincere Thanks
  1 = Inclusion on website good through March of the following year.
  2 = A free event booklet for attendees that includes an event map, show schedule and historical info.
  3 = The sash at the highest reward level will bring special recognition throughout the festival.
  4 = To participate you will need to attend the festival in a period costume.

On behalf of the Parks Department and Entertaining History, we thank you for your support!

Questions? Please feel free to contact us using the information below.

Address: P.O.Box 821, Notre Dame, IN 46556-0821

E-mail: w i t H o l d s .
. b u t g i v e s .
. a n d r e s t s .
. E a c h B i t @ gmail.com*
*E-mail is displayed in a format to thwart spammers.
You will need to manually enter this e-mail to use it.

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