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Be sure to check out the fine merchants of the Kingdom of Kamm.

Old Timers Things:
Wooden toy weapons

Silver and Beads:
Silver Jewelry, toys, wood and horn cups, fur items

Blissfully Stitched:
Corsets, clay horns, wings, hair wreaths, clothing

Cortes Corner:
Roses, sundries, music, candy

Gypsy Raisa Wares:
Belly Dancing Accessories

Past Tyme Perfumerie:

Becca's Wordworking:
Wooden decorative pieces

Belly Dance Costumes USA:
Belly dance clothing

Lady Sophies:
Clothing, capes, pirate shirts

Tri De Dana:
Chainmaile jewelry, leathercraft, jewelry (celtic, vintage, victorian), viking shields

White Knight Arms:
Weapons, pewter jewelry

Ye Olde Wholesale Club Memberships

Crosstime Traders:
Clothes, jewelry, hand-turned wood items, hand-spun yard, needle-felted items and quartz crystals

Fairy Goth Mother:
Steampunk, goth, and fantasy clothes and accessories

Gypsy Lady:
Incense, oils, jewelry, dragons, fairies, kids wear, gypsy stuff

Royal Rat Pucking:
What you need to puck rats

Stevens Single Handed Jewelry:
Hand-crafted jewelry

Skullduggery Overseas Trading Company:
Pirate Wares and replica weapons

Crafty Hatter:
Feathered items and fancy hats>

Thee Olde Emporium:
Beads, bags, jewelry, jerky, walking sticks, wooden bowls, gourds, stones, and more

Wicked Treasure:
Fairy head pieces, decoupaged trinkets

Wooden Instruments and Henna:
Wooden Instruments and Henna

Knights, Nobles, & Rogues:
Period Clothing

Artifacts and Alchemy:
Books and absineth kits

Body Eclectic Skin Care:
Soaps/deodorant/beard-scalp oil/body lotions

A Pinch of Pixie Dust:
Faerie wings/dresses/corsets/skirts/elf ears

Pugling Hoard:
Steampunk jewelry, hats, fairies

Fantasy Art by Puppetina:
Hand made puppets,wizards,journals

Saraphina On Wheels:
Spun wool/demos

Tandy Leather:
Leather materials

The Brethren Armory:
Swords and weapons, both classical and licensed

Hedwig's Corner:
Fancy boxes, mortar & pestles, incense and accessories, stones, chopsticks, various types of statuary, sarongs, bags and hand-crocheted items as well as other gift items.

Kemmer Woodworks:
Wood Cutting Boards & More

The Knotted Cloak:
Embroidered cloaks

Clint Beach:
Pirate Art

Project Armory:
Leathor Armor and Goods

Silver Moon Imports:
Leather wrapped bottles, potions wraps

Wicked Wench Productions:
Jewelry, flags, dragons, crocheted items

Food and Drink!

Holy Smokes BBQ Company:
Brisket, pulled pork, corn, hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, turkey legs, brats, chicken

Pangani Foundation, Inc.:
Jamaican patties, beef samoosa, curry rice, curry chicken

The Ram and Poni:
Elk burger, Buffalo burger, Roast Beef Sandwich, Scotch Egg, Elk Chili, Drunken Mushrooms, Chips, Giant Pickles, Ice Cream, Sherbert, Orange and Root Beer Floats, and Brownies

The Pickled Princess Pub:
Beer and Wine

Food Tent Drink Counter:
Pepsi Products, Water

Krieg Devault
Laderer & Fischer, P.C.
Future Sales RV
Next Day Signs
Merrill Pharmacy

Summer of Festivals
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